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Why you need a videographer / photographer...

I specialize and have a passion for video. Why even bother with photography?

The answer is easy. Video supports photos and photos support video.

If you have a small business that you need photographs for, how amazing would it be to bring your photos to life with a small video? And if social media trends tell us anything right now, it's that video is where it is at right now.

And if you have posted any sort of video on social media lately, there is almost always a need for a beautiful cover image to post as well. If your images can support your videos so that you are leading your followers to a related video instead of a video that is completely unrelated to the photo, you will be sure to impress.

My vision is to be able to bring you exactly what you need for your business without you having to search for multiple different vendors. Send your product to me. I will photograph and video. Sound too good to be true? Well, let's chat and I think you'll be pleasantly satisfied.


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