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Natemia Baby | Projects that Push your Limits

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Natemia reached out to me because some of my work they had come across on Instagram. Honored and excited was an understatement.

Natemia Baby is a brand that is well established and they were looking for a video of multiple storage items and for photos of some of their upcoming new releases. All products were diaper caddies and storage baskets. I had never shot something of the sort before, but I was confident I could execute.

As I was working on the project, it became clear to me that I had some learning and growing to do. I struggled and it was uncomfortable. But I struggled in ways that I knew I needed to become a better photographer and videographer.

I don't need to go into all that I struggled with because I think the work shows for itself that I was able to overcome those struggles. That was the big takeaway.

Through the struggles I grew. And because I grew from the struggles, that will translate into every project in the future.

As a creative, my hope and desire is to continue to improve for every single client along the way.

So, thank you Natemia Baby for trusting me with your products. It was a pleasure and an honor to learn and grow through this project!

See the full photo gallery here:


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