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The cutest little Keepsake Box video

Being a stay at home mom and videographer/photographer, I often find myself wondering if I am balancing family work life in a healthy way. Documenting life and keeping keepsakes is so important to me because it will be a reminder to my future self that I was working hard to be there and be present for my kids.

So when Rogue Box Co. reached out to me to shoot a small promotional video for them for their Keepsake Box, I knew it aligned with who I was as mom as well as where I am putting my efforts in my business.

When we discussed about this project, the goal was to show that the Keepsake box is special in that it can grow with a child and that the different size drawers make it different than it's competition. It was important to highlight those key features as well as bring the product to life.

Rogue Box Co's main need was a video for their Amazon listings. We wanted to show the product in use as well as highlight the main features. I am so pleased with how the video came together!

Thank you Rogue Box Co for trusting me with your branding needs!


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