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Reels. Reels. Reels.

TikTok came into the scene during Covid and changed the social media game. No question.

Of course, Instagram decided to alter their platform to compete and play the game. It was time to innovate or be left in the dust.

I know you've seen it. I know you've experienced it. You're scrolling on Instagram and all you see are reels and the occasional post. Reels are where it is at right now. The algorithm (the great, all mighty, mysterious algorithm) is obviously favoring reels to remain as relevant as possible in the social media world.

So what does that mean for you as a small business? You know the answer. I don't need to tell you.

Here we go, another thing we need to start doing... VIDEOS.

Does that mean I have to dance? Does that mean I have to do a trendy transition? Does that mean I have to do XYZ?! It's all overwhelming.

I get it.

But that's really what I want to help you with. I want to serve and support your small business by providing you those small videos. And not just small videos shot with my phone, holding still for 10 seconds. No, I want to provide you with small clips that are dreamy and make your brand stand out above the rest.

Let's do this. It doesn't have to be overwhelming. It doesn't have to feel like another thing you have to do; Because you don't. I can do it for you.


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