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My First Real Client -- TRUplay

Around the same time I got my camera and started filming, I went to a local indoor playground called TRUplay. It is an indoor playground specifically built for moms who need to get out of the house with their 6 and younger children. Instantly I had found my home away from home!

I looked around and I wanted every mom I knew to know about this place. They needed to come get a breath of fresh air and escape the four walls of their home for a bit. It's amazing how much getting out of the house is so helpful to SAHMs, Dads, and tired parents everywhere. I know from experience that the grocery store is NOT the place I want to escape to- even if there are "cool shopping carts." No thanks.

So I got up the courage to go ask the nice owner if they would be interested in me shooting a video for his business.

He agreed! We talked about what they were looking for and I got to work.

I gathered all the cutest models I could find and we had a great time playing the morning of the shoot. I captured smiles, laughter and genuine fun.

It was such a pleasure shooting this commercial for TRUplay. I was so happy with how fun the editing came together as well.

Since shooting this commercial, I've been back to TRUplay many times. There are some fun things ahead and I cannot wait to attend and share them.

The owners of TRUplay have been so gracious and developing a relationship with them has made this filming experience even more enriched.

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