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What camera do I shoot with?

Every photographer/videographer gets asked this question. For some, the answer is automatic passage into a Nikon, Canon, Sony member's club. Oh, and the debates on the topic can get real, real fast.

So, Alyssa, what do you shoot with? And why did you choose that camera?

I currently use a Canon EOS R. It is a mirrorless camera body and I would confidently say it is a great camera body to use when beginning your journey with videography and photography.

Why did I choose the Canon EOS R?

When I was on the hunt for a camera, I did so much research. I listened to all the pros and felt swamped by all my options out on the market. There are so many reasons why every brand stinks and there are so many reasons why every brand is the best one to choose.

I got so overwhelmed by the options on the market and by all the features that they had that I barely understood. But the longer I studied, the longer it was taking for me to get a camera to start practicing and learning with a camera.

What would I suggest if you are in this current predicament?

Decide what you can afford and just pick a brand. The reality is, a camera is just a tool. A brand of camera cannot and will never make your talents "better."

Your talents come when practicing composition. Your talents come with learning and growing confidence in settings on the camera. Your talents come with editing. Your talents come when putting in the work.

My Canon EOS R is great for now. One day, I hope to upgrade to a camera body that has a few more features that I could really use. The reality is, I can and will continue making some really great videos and images with the camera I currently have.


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