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To My Love, Happy Birthday

Being a mom means wearing so many hats. Tutor, booboo kisser, book reader... all the things. And if you are a mom, you know this.

As I have taken on the hat of videographer and business woman, taking videos of my kids becomes second thought as I am usually worried about the paying client.

But for each of my kid's birthdays, I hope to continue this tradition of capturing their beautiful nature in the age they are turning. I planned this whole video shoot to just capture the sweet innocence of my oldest child and what makes her so special. She is six you guys! SIX! She is still so little, but she is already so big in so many ways.

It was such a blast planning out her sassy outfit, finding the perfect studio to video her, and just use my camera to let her shine!

Azure, I love you. Happiest Birthday little monkey!

To my future self- if you are wondering, you were there. You were doing your best. And you loved your children fiercely! Everything you did was for them. You often gazed at your sweet babies hoping you weren't taking the moments for granted. Yes, Azure is bigger now, but she had YOU every step of the way.


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