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Kajimi Co Beanies Product Photography

In the beginning of any business, I would imagine getting off the ground is because of those in your circles that believe in you and want to see you succeed.

The same is true for me.

My dear, and forever long friend reached out me about taking some product photos for his business, Kajimi Co... Um, YES!!

He knew that he wasn't ready for lifestyle/model photos because he was still in development of his brand. He also knew he needed some solid product listing photos so that he could get the most out of how his website was presented to potential customers.

This was all the info I needed to get and idea of what he needed at this point in time for his business.

My friend shipped his amazing Kajimi Co beanies to me so that I could get to work!

Using only neutrals for the background, I was able to create some very solid images that are great for presentation on his website.

As you can see, these images are simple. But that was the assignment. Great product photos with fantastic lighting and neutral backgrounds. And as always, I have to include some of those juicy detail images that just make you want to hold the product in your hand.

Upon delivery, my dear friend raved,

"I’m being 1000% serious they are great! I needed something I can use on my website and you delivered that perfectly! You featured the product, you captured the little details. I really do love them." -- S

I was so excited and thrilled with his response.

My motivation cup was filled! Now, my only hope is that Kajimi Co can sell a billion amazing beanies to bring my dear friend wild success!


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