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Getting that Gooey, Yummy Detail Photo

As I continue on this journey, I can start seeing my style slowly but surely developing. And if you book a session with me, you will surely get a few detail shots in your gallery. I just can't help but get the camera nice and close to get some of those detail shots that show texture and everything great about the product I am shooting.

So what makes these pictures special for brand?

The photos with detail show texture and can allow your customer to get an idea of what the product will feel like in their hands.

So how do I get these yummy detail shots?

Using a 1.8 macro lens is crucial. This allows the depth of field to get that nice, out of focus look. I currently shoot on a Canon and the 50mm 1.8 lens is extremely affordable for those on a budget.

When setting up the shot, I prefer a very natural, soft light with minimal shadows. It is great if some other textures can be added for interest and variety.

I love that these photos do the work themselves and serve your products in so many ways. Not only that, they are wonderful for social media too!


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