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Every Beginning Brand Photographer Should Attend a Kylee Ann Content Day and Here's Why

You want to become a brand photographer. You just bought your camera and are still fumbling with the settings. What does ISO do again?

The beginning of a photography journey is daunting- especially if you have never had experience with a full frame DSLR or mirrorless camera. And chances are, you've spent a good chunk of your savings to get into this photography thing.

So you now have a camera, and you think you've got the settings down.

The next step I should probably take is putting together a portfolio right? Every photographer talks about having a portfolio after all. Cool... What should I start taking pictures of? I mean my kids are cute and all but I so badly want to appeal to brands.

The beginning of photography is this weird space of, "I want to do this. I can do this. Oh man, but how?! There's so much to learn and do!"

Lucky for me, at this point in my journey, I got a text asking, "Hey do you want to go to a content day with me?" This "content day" was referring to Kylee Ann Photography's hosted photography content day. This event is filled with opportunities to shoot models and flat lay images.

Boy am I glad I went!

On arrival, Kylee had models ready for us to shoot in lifestyle shoots with various brand items that were donated for the event day. Kylee has the most amazing studio that all of us 12 photographers used.

It was a mad dash of collecting content. And I, as a videographer and photographer, I was collecting video and photos as fast as I could. (I sure hope that was the right settings!)

The second portion of the event was shooting flat lay images. All products were setup on 12 different boards for us to get creative and shoot as much as we could on a single board in 5 minutes. It was intimidating to say the least to work among some well established photographers.

I was unsure if I was collecting anything of value since I went into the day without much expectation.

And then I came home, and I started editing...

My mind was blown. Okay... I think I can really do this photography thing.

And then I started putting video reels together.

As I put myself out there and posted these videos and images, I actually started to believe.

I started believing that I can actually do this. I CAN be a photographer and videographer.

I don't have to feel like a fraud when I turn on my camera anymore. I don't have to give in to those limiting beliefs because I created all these images and videos.

I attended a Kylee Ann Content day thinking I was going to come home with a portfolio. And I did. But I came home with so much more.

I came home with the confidence BELIEVING that I can be a brand photographer and videographer.

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